The Kalo Fertilizer Company makes a fertilizer using two chemicals that provide nitrogen phosphate and potassium. A pound of ingredient 1 contributes 10 ounces of nitrogen and 6 ounces of phosphate while a pound of ingredient 2 contributes 2 ounces of nitrogen 6 ounces of phosphate and 1 ounce of potassium. Ingredient 1 costs $3 per pound and ingredient 2 costs $5 per pound. The company wants to know how many pounds of each chemical ingredient to put into a bag of fertilizer to meet the minimum requirements of 20 ounces of nitrogen 36 ounces of phosphate and 2 ounces of potassium while minimizing cost. Instructions: Show all working please Develop an Excel spreadsheet model for problem 4 page 62 (textbook 1) on this worksheet and run Excel Solver to obtain optimal solutions. Your model should be well organized with blue boxes (data) red boxes (decision variables) and black boxes (objective function values).

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